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Cotton is a very light fibre with remarkable resistance to creasing and wear. It is water-repellent, thermoplastic and heat-insulating.
These characteristics make it particularly suitable for sportswear. Its extreme lightness combined with its bulkiness and low allergy rate means that it is also frequently used in pillow and quilt fillings.

It is a fibre often used in the production of curtains, thanks to its high resistance to the action of light, which can defend against ultraviolet radiation.




Cucirinitalia offers a wide range of mercerized gassed cotton yarns, with stock service availability and the possibility of sample dyeing even for small quantities.

All the yarns are always available in stock service in the colours: UNBLEACHED, READY FOR DYEING, OPTICAL WHITE AND BLACK REATT.


In titles Ne 32/2, 40/2, 60/2 e 50/3 s/z wide range of colours in stock service.


For all other titles, dyeing on request, delivery in approx. 10 days. Other titles in production: Ne 24/2, 44/2, 50/2, 70/2, 100/2

Below is a list of delivery possibilities in the various titles.

8/3 c | 12/3 c | 16/3 c

20/2 c | 32/2 p | 40/2 p | 60/2 p

Dye bath Kg. 15 - 30 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 100 - 120 - 140 etc.

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